The Past Year

This past school year was one of my toughest. There were a lot of reasons for this, I won’t go into all of them, but one of them was having access to technology. It was a lot to have constant access to technology. I love having iPads in my classroom, but I struggled to use them to transform my teaching without completely changing the way I teach. I need to rethink how my classroom runs and what I do.  Some thoughts….

  1. I quickly realized that I have the ability to run several different activities inside my classroom simultaneously. IPads make running stations or differentiated lessons much easier. I can distribute and collect work in a different way. We can keep unfinished card sorts or puzzles using the camera or explain everything. The paper everywhere problem is significantly streamlined. This class flow is very different.
  2. My students can and will collaborate to complete activities in different ways on the iPad, there is a different dynamic. Students are more willing to share ideas and engage in group work.
  3. Organization! Sixth graders struggle with organization. It just hard and the iPads are a game-changer. Things that used to get lost are easily stored in google drive. The sheet we use for estimation 180 was easily found and started every week, rather than handing out a new one every week. Students were able to see how they became better estimators as the year went on.
  4. Formative assessments! The world of technology has opened up my ability to quickly assess what my students are understanding. Formative and Pear Deck make it quick and easy to assess students without a lot of paper or correcting. I can bring students together and still have everyone participating and asking questions.

Now that I have seen the way the iPads effect my classroom I want to change the way I teach to match the new ways I have to reach my students.


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