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Lesson Close

I have a hard time blogging during the school year, but I love to spend the summer reflecting on the past school year and thinking about my goals for the coming year. I have been watching #lessonclose and loving all of the ideas. And then I saw this one….

It all came together for me. I love the flow chart, I love the google sheets, I just love! Thank you!

I started using exit tickets more consistently in my seventh grade class this past school year. I saw was able to use the data to form flexible groups based on my plans for the day. I saw a lot of growth and could pinpoint which concepts students were struggling with. I sometimes had days that students weren’t ready for the exit ticket, and I had to quickly change my plans and save it for another time. I want to see some self-reflection about group work and so I created the rubric below.

I also wanted to find a better way to quickly assess different skills and I’ve been using formative.com so I created this…

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.58.08 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.58.23 PM

I did all this before I read @rawsonmath‘s post. Now, I’m seeing things in a new light. I think I can still use some of the tools I have created, but I’m seeing the organization of everything a little differently.

Thank you!

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Technology and Formative Assessment

Now that I’m back in the classroom I have access to some great technology. My district is piloting 1:1 iPads in one cluster and the rest of the clusters have an iPad cart. I’m in a cluster with the cart so we have to share our with three other teachers. Luckily, this hasn’t been too difficult. We setup a shared google calendar and whoever gets there first gets the cart.

Our students all have access to a google email and apps account so we have a lot of options. When I started out the year I tested out a few different formative assessment options. Using the cart in math class it is easy to just have students log in and practice. I love to use the iPads for formative assessment or as a combination formative assessment/connection builder.

Before we had technology for each student I used Mastery Connect. I used bubble sheets for each student and scored with an Ipevo document camera. I never gave more than 5 questions and used them to gauge how students were doing with new concepts. This gave me a snapshot of what each student understood within each standard. If my district bought into this system I think it would be amazing for assessing and keeping data. Alas, they didn’t.

When I started working with the iPads Mastery Connect was the first place I went. I knew that they bought Socrative and was excited to see how they would be integrated. Unfortunately, they didn’t really integrate the best part. I loved seeing the standards covered as we moved through the curriculum on Mastery Connect. There is no way to link Socrative questions to the standards, so I decided to keep looking. Socrative and Mastery Connect were a little clunky on the iPads and didn’t really give me an easy way to track student understanding.

Next, I tried Exit Ticket. If my students traveled with their iPads I think this would be the system for me. Students have access to their results from previous exit tickets. The teacher view can be switched to projector view so a whole group discussion can happen. Love it! Students can use the same account for multiple classes and store everything together in one place.

Then came Pear Deck

Pear Deck takes formative assessment to the next level. I was intrigued when I realized it was integrated into google. My students wouldn’t need another login. (They can barely remember one password.) Pear Deck takes power points to the next level. I have a projector view, teacher view, and student view. There are different slide types for students to interact with: free response-draw, free response-write, free response-number, draggable, and multiple choice. I have the ability to insert images into the slides for students to graph or write on. I can switch the answers on so others can see answers anonymously. We can have a conversation about incorrect answers. I can see in teacher view how each student answered each question. At the end of class I can save every student’s answer to look at later. The possibilities are endless.

Pear Deck has changed the way I teach. I can quickly see who understands and who is still confused.

I’m sharing the Pear Decks I’ve made so far. Feel free to try them out.

Pear Deck Folder

 I did pay for a premium subscription which does give me more access, but try it out anyway. You’ll love it!

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This year my room will not look like this. It already looks very different (I don’t have a picture of that). Tables have replaced individual desks and there are working nooks, created for students to work together uninterrupted. Each group will have a large whiteboard for collaborating on problems, a la @bowmanimal, and smaller individual whiteboards for working independently.

Group work has always been the norm in my room. I also feel that students used to be better at it. Now students believe group work is dividing up a problem and copying one student’s work. For group work to be successful there needs to be discussion about the problem before any work is done. I want to spend a lot of time teaching how to do group work at the beginning of the year. There needs to be a lot of processing while students are working. I think Dan Meyer’s beginning of the year activity  stacking styrafoam cups is a great way to start teaching group work. The marshmallow challenge is another idea for teaching group work. While it isn’t directly related to the curriculum, it is a great way to see how students work together. 

Technology! This is the first year that we have laptop carts to share for each grade, as well as projectors, wireless, and document cameras in each room.

1) Class Dojo is at the top of my list. This was a source of conversation at BLC12. The way that you can engage students in a discussion about behavior and what they want the classroom norms to be is very exciting. And who wouldn’t love the little monsters?

2) Edmodo is also going to be implemented this year in my classroom. I was using another website, but I want students to have the opportunity to interact with the site, ask questions, and answer each others questions. I also hope to start posting pencasts to begin flipping my classroom. I say begin, because I am not ready to commit. We’ll see how it goes.

Wow! I didn’t know I had so much to say.

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